Fensma performs the entire cycle of work and resolves all issues as a contractor under the EPC contract.

Upon conclusion of the contract, all risks and obligations for the facility are transferred to the contractor. Fensma will manage implementation of the project, select subcontractors and organize their work, while respecting the agreed budget limits.

For a customer, an EPC contract is the most reliable and convenient type of contract: the contractor does all the work, and you only accept the result. Benefits - compliance with the deadlines and budget of work, increased management efficiency, transfer of responsibility and risks to the contractor. And one more important point: freeing up time for other projects.

Work under the EPC contract is being carried out at a high pace, because the contractor can simultaneously develop working and design documentation and already purchase equipment and materials.

Fensma’s scope of work under EPC contract

Fensma is a contractor whose reliability is confirmed by many works and completed projects. You can entrust the company with the full management of the object, without fear of risks. Fensma will perform the following works: planning and design, preparation of design and working documentation and technical justification of the work.

In addition, Fensma will hire subcontractors and supervise their work, independently purchase equipment and materials, and carry out construction and installation work.

As a result, the finished object will be handed over to the customer.