Fensma cares about the safety and health of its employees. Fensma has developed and operates an effective occupational health and safety management system, and has implemented occupational risk management. Measures are regularly taken to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.


Training was also organized with subsequent testing of knowledge on labor protection, fire and industrial safety of employees. Fensma trains all new and transferred employees in safe work practices and practices. To test knowledge there is a qualification commission.

Who trains?

  • Managers and deputy managers;

  • Engineeers and technicians;

  • Employees and workers.


Another important form of work on labor protection in Fensma is briefings followed by testing of acquired knowledge and skills. The process includes familiarization with the existing hazardous or harmful production factors, the study of labor protection and fire safety requirements, as well as safe methods and techniques for performing work.

Conducting briefings of all types (primary and repeated, targeted and unscheduled) is recorded in the relevant journals (or in the work permit) with the signatures of the instructed and instructing, as well as the date of the conduct.


For employees of a number of professions, internships are provided in accordance with separate regulatory legal acts. During the internship, there is a practical development of knowledge and skills for the safe performance of duties, followed by verification.