Fensma monitors working conditions of its employees. The company has a whole range of regulatory legal acts and instructions, taking into account the specifics of its activities.

The Company regularly evaluates working conditions in accordance with the law. To do this, a special commission is being created, which conducts attestation of workplaces according to the approved schedule. As a result of checks, a summary sheet is compiled and measures are recommended to improve working conditions.

Work and rest

In accordance with laws and regulations.

Overalls and PPE

Fensma, at its own expense, purchases and provides employees with the necessary special clothing and footwear, as well as personal protective equipment, washing and neutralizing substances. To account for this, personal cards of employees are maintained.

Medical examinations

The company at its own expense conducts both mandatory and periodic medical examinations of employees. The first ones are passed when applying for a job. Mandatory psychiatric examinations are also carried out, including those at the request of employees with preservation of their place of work and earnings. Medical examinations are held according to a predetermined calendar plan.

Education and informing

Fensma keeps its employees informed about their rights and opportunities. Employees are regularly informed about working conditions, possible health risks, available guarantees and compensations.