Zero cycle

Construction work of the zero cycle - carried out below the mark of 0.000 (mark of the finished floor of the first floor).

The zero cycle is the basis for durability of the structure and its reliability. This is the first (and most important) stage of construction. It is at this stage that the strength and stability of the entire structure are laid: the reliability of the erected foundation determines the operational characteristics of the building in the future. Therefore, the cost of works of the zero cycle is up to 60% of the total.

Work types

  • Construction of protective fencing and sand base.

  • Excavating foundation pits, installation or concreting of foundationsand basement walls.

  • Concrete blinding and waterproofing works.

  • Backfill of foundation cavities, as well as underground laying.


Advantages of Fensma


Detailed process solutions when implementing zero cycle works — Fensma has more than 10 years of experience.


Assessment of engineering and geological surveys and features of the construction site, conducting additional studies if necessary, allows predicting potential geomechanical processes, determining the features of the structures, taking into account construction risks in the furtherimplementation of projects.


Reputation of a reliable company allowed Fensma to establish partnerships with leading Russian (FODD, MR GROUP, Rosatom, The Olympic stadium, ООО Yandex) andinternationalcompanies(AO Atomstroyexpert).