The building claims to be a new local landmark thanks to its titanium-panelled façade and unusual silhouette with a through diagonal passage.

The headquarters will include three wings of different heights, united by an atrium with a transparent roof. It is assumed that the lower floors, accessible to everyone, will house cafes, beauty salons, pharmacies and other organizations. A public space with a large park will appear on the territory around the headquarters.

Start of construction
General contractor
MR Group
Fensma, LLC

in numbers

  • Type of work performed
    Construction of a monolithic slurry wall structure
  • Trench width
    800 mm
  • Type of work performed
    Pit soil excavation
  • 423 100 m3
  • Type of work performed
    Soil anchor construction
  • Number of anchors
    2467 pcs.
  • Type of work performed
    Dismounting existing buildings and constructions
  • Above-ground part
    216 000 m3
  • Underground part
    50 155 m3


01 — 6